Community Education

One-on-One ESL or Computer Tutoring
Stop by our office or e-mail to obtain an application to be matched with a tutor. Please note that there is currently a waiting list.
Workshops are provided on topics including but not limited to nutrition, personal finance, and cultural nuances. Email or stop by for more information on dates and times.
NESTS - Nurturing Every Student Together Safely 
The goal of NESTS is to provide a safe space with trusted adults where students are provided a place to do schoolwork with reliable internet access, tutoring, high quality child care and other resources including social/emotional support. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do any of the community education services cost money?
All our educational opportunities are free. 
How long can I be enrolled in one-on-one tutoring?

Your agreement will be for 10 weeks but many people continue after the initial 10 weeks.

Will I have the same tutor throughout the span of tutoring?
Yes, tutors also commit to 10 weeks.
How often can I schedule one-on-one tutoring? 
Due to high demand, we currently offer tutoring one time a week.