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NESTS / Computer Lab

Nurturing Every Student Together Safely (NESTS) 
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The goal of NESTS is to provide a safe space with trusted adults where students are provided a place to do schoolwork with reliable internet access, tutoring, high quality child care and other resources including social/emotional support. 
By registering I acknowledge that I have read and understand the guidelines and expectations 
Guidelines & Expectations
NESTS offers an environment where all children and staff feel safe and respected. Parents/guardians will be notified if a child is disruptive or engages in dangerous or inappropriate behaviors. Examples of these behaviors include: using inappropriate or disrespectful language, bullying students or staff, stealing, or having a continuous problem with being late or absent. Such behaviors will be discussed with both the student and the parent/guardian. If these behaviors persist, this will result in a suspension and/or removal from the program with no exceptions. NESTS views the safety and respect of our staff and students as a top priority. Please be sure to discuss this policy with your child so everyone involved is aware of what is expected while participating in the program. 

If you as a parent/guardian feel as though your child has been mistreated by a volunteer or staff member, please contact Teresa Stecker, Executive Director, via phone (319) 330-9883 or email at

For more information about NESTS please visit here
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