Food Assistance

Free Community Meal

- Free meal every Wednesday from 5-6 PM

Food Assistance

​Food Pantry Hours

- Monday 11 AM-1 PM

- Wednesdays 12-4 PM

- Thursdays 5:30-7 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of food is available at the food pantry?
We usually have a variety of food and work hard to have fresh produce and meat available each week.
How much food am I allowed to have from the food pantry?
We let you pick up what you feel you need. With popular items, we may choose to limit the amount you are able to take to make sure each family has a chance to get some.
Do I get more food if I have a family?
We find most families do not take enough food so we encourage families to take more
How frequently can I come to the food pantry?
We do not restrict the number of times you come. We do take your name for our statistics and HACAPS statistics.
Do I need to bring anything to be eligible for food pantry? 
No, there are no requirements. We encourage you to bring reusable bags to decrease the number of plastic bags given out.

1035 Wade St

Iowa City, IA 52240